Sunday, May 23, 2010


I finally saw Avatar and I absolutely love the cinematography and the beauty of it. Spectacular computer graphics. But, what lazy writers. I've never seen such cardboard villains. What were the writers thinking? Big bad corporate guy and the toy soldier with tunnel vision. Even I could make it more believable.

That part was so disappointing. They did good going between human and avatar bodies. The belief system was well thought out. But, they kept a good movie from becoming a great movie by turning it into a cliche. Sad.

Now, what does everyone else think? Finished Agatha Ann edits, hope I get a bite from the editor. So hope.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


"Museums are Murder" is now available on Kindle. Yay. I've been on Kindle Boards with promo, don't have the cover picture the right size yet, but at least I'm on. It's a start. Haven't seen much sales yet but still learning everything.

Had a great time at conference. Lori did not have a seizure! I met an agent that wants to see Agatha Ann, (I know, she says that to all the writers) but sending it anyway, at least someone will read it, maybe like it. You never know.

I signed books with friends, even sold a few. Here's a picture of Amy (middle) Sara and me (right) signing books and waiting for happy hour.