Saturday, October 31, 2009


Do you have your costume yet? Are you ready for the party? How about dessert? Were having kitty litter cake with Tootsie Roll poop. How about you?

I'm going to be a bat with wings, Christie, my child bat, Hannah- a bat witch, Boys-vampire warlocks.

Main course is Road-Kill Burritos and bathwater punch. Sound good yet? I'll post pics but must go shopping for road kill.

How about a Halloween read?

Learn about Tali Cates and her psychic gifts in a story perfect for the season in – “Bloody Murder” by Carol Shenold NOW in Ebook and Print!!

Bloody Murder by Carol Shenold


Event planner Tali Cates’s psychic gifts have brought her more than enough trouble in the past. She wants those irksome gifts to leave her in peace so she can support her family and lead a normal life in the small town of Love, Texas.

But when not one, but two beauty contestants in the pageant she’s running turn up dead, Tali is again drawn into murder and mayhem. Toss in some witchcraft and kidnapping, and she has no choice but to protect her kids by hunting down the killer. Life gets even more complicated when her son accuses her new boyfriend of being a vampire, which is just plain ridiculous.

Or is it?


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Great Pumpkin.

As a writer, I sometimes feel as if I'm sitting in the pumpkin patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come and bring toys to the good boys and girls. And, everyone laughs. I have to not loose faith that he will come and bring me that finished manuscript, deal with an agent, signed contract with a publishing company.

Yes, being electronically published is great, as is having books in print. Now I want the experience of having my book in a brick and mortar store. Will that Great Pumpkin show up this year, next. Of course, it boils down to me. The Great Pumpkin can't bring me a contract or agent deal if I don't finish the book.

Once again, it depends on me, and me alone, not whining about time, and family emergencies and being tired. Putting the butt on the chair and writing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magical Writing

I'm reading a book about magickal writing. No, I didn't spell that that wrong. Magic is like slight of hand, magician, parlor tricks, illusions. Magick is infusing objects, yourself, your actions with positive energy to send out into the univers and make your desires known to God, Goddess, or Gods, depending upon your beliefs.

This author believes strongly in meditation with writing, before and during writing.Treating your writing tools with respect, carrying them with you and infusing them with energy. Our tools, including a computer, tablet, journal, special pens and anything else that allows rselvesto express ourselves freely, are extensions of us. This energy gives power to what we write.

If we write with the belief that we aren't really good enough, our writing will reflect it as will the energy we send out. On the other hand, if we infuse our writing with the will and power that we are doing our best and that it's good enough, well, positive attracts positive. The more we put out the confidence that we are great writers, the more confidence will come back to us with rewards.

For years therapists have used the tool of writing fears or sorrows and then burying them or burning them and burying the ashes as a means to put an end to them. The same holds true with the good things.

Write down your writing goals, keep one copy and put it in a safe place (preferably not the safe place where I put things and forget where they are.) Take the original coffee and on a full moon, put them in a fireproof container, take them outside and burn them, letting your powerful, confident emotions go into the air with the smoke and sparks, allowing the wind to carry the ashes. Samhain(Halloween) is a magical time when the door to the otherworld is thin. Ask your ancesters for help.

Next year pull out those goals and see how far you have progressed. You may be amazed.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving around

Now that I've moved everything in the living room and the desktop computer is in the living room as well as my desk I find I love it. I have this wonderful view of my flowers, bird feeders, yard and trees out the french doors to the left. The TV at the end of the room if I'm in a movie, cooking show, soap opera (Desperate Houswives) mood. The framed cover of Privy to Murder is above my TV, not bragging, inspiration. If I can find my camera that Chris borrowed, I'll post a pic or two.

My new video is on all my sites and there are big plans for November contest ending just in time for December and Christmas. Many prizes in the works. Stay tuned for more details.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Video for Bloody Murder

Run, don't walk to go see my new video for "Bloody Murder."
It's spooky Halloween fun.
Remember, both Privy to Murder and Bloody Murder are available in print, now on

Speaking of, the Day of the Dead is coming soon. Do you have your pumpkin carved? Have you put up ghosts to scare away or welcome the spirits, depending upon your traditions.
We have ghosts on the window and in the tree in front. I need to get a pumpkin or two to carve but if you carve them too early, they get mushy.

Costume? We'll see. Whatever I become, it will be a fat one. Takes away some of the glamour.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heating up, I wish.

Remember I told you my heater was broken and repair men have been here for the past three or four days.

What you don't want to hear come out of the mouth of the repairman in the hall who is fixing the heater on a cold, cold day.


"Why is it doing that?"

"What is that noise?"

"Oh, man."

"Well shit?"


"It went off again."

"That's never happened before."

"Listen to that clicking?"

There's still time to come join me at for the chat with Personalized Marketing authors.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Rain, rain and more rain.Getting soggy, grass growing too much because there is such a small window of opportunity to mow. Cold. Feels even colder since I know the heater is broken. Repair man out three days in a row, inbetween 0rdering parts, trying to fix it , ordering another, etc.

Also this week, the bank took out my house payment, auto draft, three times. Yup, I said three. Got that fixed. Also this was a zip up to manic and plunge to depressive week for Lori. All in all, fun times.

Moving things around at home, making my studio into one bedroom, the office into another. Chaos reighns. harder to write at the moment.But, plan to take advantage of the long weekend +rain to get writing done around chaos.

Plus-other news:

Multi-AuthorChat Event with the Clients of Personalized MarketingHeldat LASR Whipped Cream Yahoo group at

On Saturday October 10th from 9am to9pm the clients of Personalized Marketing will be at the Long and Short ReviewsWhipped Cream Yahoo Group

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AC Katt Author of The Sarran Plague and A Permanent Arrangement

Carol Shenold Author ofMuseums are Murder, Bloody Murder, Privy to Murder and Fairy Dust

Foery MacDonnell Author of TheFool's Journey and Laird of the Mist

Ginger Simpson Author of SistersIn Time, Amazing Grace, Beside Myself, Chastity's Charms (Stages of Love Book1), Embezzled Love, Embezzled Love, Forever Faith, Hope Springs Eternal, Lifeis a Bowl of Toilets and I Clean Them, Life Is a Bowl of Toilets and I FeelFlush, Paging Dr. Jones, Prairie Peace, Sarah's Journey, Sparta Rose, andVirginia's Miracle

Kayden McLeod http://kaydenmcleod.comAuthor of Jezebel’s Article, due December 2009 Paranormal Ménage, and Deadly Fetishes due March 2010 and free erotica series entitled Sara’s Story.

Tabitha Shay Witch's Magic Book Four in Tabitha Shay's,Witch's Moon, Witch's Heart, Witch's Brew, No Holds Barred Book Two of theMontana Men Series, and In the Arms of Danger Book One of the Montana MenSeries

Raven Starr Author of Fan-tasy, Going Home Again, HerSmile, One Night at the Office, The Perfect Match, The Pleasure Cruise, TaintedBlood and Thieves in the Night

See you atthis fun and romance filled event.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Timing is everything.

Timing is everything in life and publishing. My life is proving that to be true as my central heat has gone out just in time for the coldest weekend so far this year.

An adult child has moved into my home with her children (Did you know adult sisters still fight?)
Yes, I have two adult children at home.

My grandson's new, expensive (for us) slacks have disappeared the day before the homecoming dance.

One of my best friends received a book contract offer--with an impossible deadline(Be careful what you wish for.)

My daughter's latest seizure has coincided with a book signing/selling event I'd hoped to attend.

Had the opportunity to read for an hour with no interruptions-got up at 4am-too sleepy to read without nodding off.

Time to write tonight with no interruptions. Still sleepy.

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