Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blizzard '09

We spent Christmas Eve listening to 50 MPH wind gusts and watching the fence sway back and forth. Drifts grew at an alarming rate. I've lived in places with wind and snow, but 3-4 ft. drifts, cancelled Christmas gatherings and 14 inches of snow are unusual happenings in Oklahoma City.

We stayed in, ate Christmas bread baked that afternoon, watched hundreds of people getting stranded on highways as they ignored the weather people telling them to stay home, do not get out and shop. Then things got scarier as there was a 50 car pile-up on I-40, the airport closed down and all the highways in the metro closed down.

When we opened the front door, a three ft drift blocked the way, the car in the driveway was blocked with another drift that size. Felt like I'd ended up back in Nebraska.

Yesterday we hibernated and read, watched movies, enjoyed a quiet Christmas. Today, if I can dig out the car, I'll try and make it to the store. Maybe next weekend I'll get writing done. we'll wee how things go. Trying to help my daughter with her holiday depression.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Basics

There is something basic or primal about sitting in a warm kitchen, watching sleet and snow outside while you kneed yeast dough for bread. You feel connected to the countless women over the years who have done the same thing.

Hopefully not too many people are struggling with a cold kitchen or no kitchen. Listening to the wind I couldn't help but think about settlers on these plains trying to deal with wind, cold and sod houses if they had a house. Brrr.

Everyone enjoy your holiday and keep a house full of the scents of christmas as you bake bread, make a dessert with cinnamon. Remember those who came before.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas and Kids

I have to brag about my thoughtful, beautiful nine-year-old grand daughter who actually thinks before chosing a gift. She chose a silver and black necklace for me. It is elegant and light because heavy necklaces give grandma a headache. Then she picked out a silver feather pin because in the old days, writers wrote with feathers and quill pens.

Is that cool or what? I love it. Kids are so much fun.

I'm reading Under the Dome and love it. I want to read Julie and Julia, the movie was so funny. Saw Four Christmases, loved it even if it was a little too slapstick for my usual taste.

Everyone have a wonderful Solstice, Yule, Christmas. Start the new year doing what you love. Come to for a free gift of reading. Look for the wrapped package and click on it. You will find a new Tali Cates story.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Pic-Christmas Movies

See my new pic to the right. My good friend Cathy took that in Bricktown and it was so much fun. Now I actually have a picture of myself that I like. I can't wait to see the rest. I just had to share. She made the vibrant colors pop didn't she. Such a better picture. Now I have to replace my picture on every site I can.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

I love "The Christmas Story} because it's so fifties nostalgic.

The musical version of "A Christmas Carol" with Albert Finney, for the music.

My kids love "One Magic Christmas"

My favorite in all its incarnations, "Its a Wonderful Life"- even the one with Bill Murray.

The Original Grinch and Mr McGoo's Christmas, again for the music as much as anything.

Come on, add some of your faves to the list

Monday, December 7, 2009

Traditions-Office Party

'Tis the season." .... for parties-Christmas parties-The dreaded office party.
Do you have a party?
Does your office have a party?
Do you go?
Do you love it, hate it?
Time for confessions again.
What is your favorite party memory, or your worst?

My favorite was a Christmas Eve party I used to have with several friends when we lived in Texas, with all the kids, in a house with no central heat but a big fireplace. We had great food, a little egg nog, lots of good food and fun.

Also in Texas was the worst, a work party with food and then two hours of Bingo, on purpose. Awful. But we lived through that so we could dance to the band that followed, now that was fun.

Now it's your turn. We'll find a new tradition to discuss next week, like maybe the white elephant exchange.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas and Fashion

First, the Tali Cates contest is over. The winners will be announced this weekend.

Now, for a most important discussion.

What Christmas item is it that:

Anyone under 30 laughs at.
Most women over 40 love to wear.
Teachers have one for every day.
And fashion gurus hate?

Yes. You are right. It's time for the dreaded Christmas sweater.
I have several, dragged them out yesterday. Wore one. Will wear one every day because I only have a month. Then, back in storage they go until next year.

Come on, confess, you secretly like them too. You have one. What is it like? Is it a vest, or cardigan you can ditch in a hurry or an all out pull-over. Tell all in the comment section. Its true confession time.

Christmas sweater wearers unite!