Friday, May 17, 2013

Wicked Woman and New York City



shall be


when I am an

old woman who sits

and whispers wickedly,

stories into children's ears.

They must lean closer and closer

to hear me murmur tales so evil.

Careful kiddies. Too close and I will bite.

Okay, that's my fun for today. I love to write poetry, even when it's mostly bad. I wrote this one several years ago and had fun with it. But, as a kid I loved to be scared, loved spooky stories.   Not as fond of being scared now. I'll be speaking at Thrillerfest in NYC, on a panel about suspense. Now that I find scary. Why couldn't I be speaking in OKC, among friends? Oh, yeah, I wasn't asked.   This old lady, a  bit nervous about the whole big apple thing, but it will be so much fun. Amy is coming to outshine my sparkles. Can't wait. So, if anyone will be in NYC, July 12, come listen to the Suspense panel.