Monday, June 27, 2016

Join me and my fellow Lei Crime writers at the Facebook Event today at 5pm CST. There will be fantastic prizes: Kindle, Book sets and all kinds of Wonderful goodies. I'm going, are you?

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

My new release for Kindle Worlds should go live next week. So excited, can't wait. Also, next week is the Kindle Worlds Facebook party. Come and join us for fun, and free books and prizes.
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The fate of the world rests with unlikely heroes.
Power comes with a terrible price …

Katsuko’s not exactly normal, but she’s never truly been challenged either.

All that’s about to change because somebody knows she’s special.

The murder of Kat’s guardian and the sudden discovery of her powers leaves her reeling.

 She can control fire, conjure lightning, and summon a dragon, but will it be enough to help her save her world and herself from dark magic?

(This story takes place before Blood Orchids, on Hilo.)

My favorite genre’s are mystery and urban fantasy with some romance and paranormal thrown in. I’m a hybrid I guess. I love to pitch a normal person into an extra-ordinary circumstances as they find out the monster under the bed is real.

I loved the idea of setting some stories in Hawaii, just for fun, like a mini-vacation. I knew I’d need to do some research, but dragons and Hawaii seemed such a good fit.

I hope the readers will learn to love Kat because of her resilient spirit, and ability to carry on in spite of all the loss in her life. She hasn’t built up walls to keep people out.