Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow? Please don't.

Yes I'm still alive, hard to believe. This being trapped in the house, no sunshine, crises going on, all the pits. Beginning to hate snow. 3 or 4 inches not so bad, but 13 inches with blizzard winds? Seriously? We're in Oklahoma not Alaska. Snow in Dallas for super bowl, ice in Houston. The rate this is going, the end of the world, 2012 will involve snow and ice.

Enough whining. I have food, warm house etc. I have to think of the homeless with no choice except some shelter that they're afraid of.

I'm angsting about which book to finish first and what to do with them. I love writing Dead Fairies and at the same time I should finishe the medical romance. Plus I'm leaning toward trying a woman's world mini romance for fun.

Then do I really want to go for NY or another epub or is Kindle the way to go? There are Kindle authors who have gotten picked up by Bantam with advances. Right now, the idea of receiving all the money, not just puny royalties is definitely appealing. Of course all of this is moot if I don't finish one soon.

Thing is, I've made more from one nonfiction piece this year than I have for all my fiction. If I sold to WW, same story, more money than from all my novels.

So decisions are in the works as soon as I can melt the icecicles from out of my brain.