Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hey, I just got back from a week of shopping, reading, writing, drinking wine and laughing, not necessarily in that order. I miss it, okay? I love, love, love being with my friends, M who loves to dance as much as I do, only she's younger and skinnier, J jeweler extraordinaire, C our diva, S the Queen, and Amy who sparkles. Not to mention the bears, deer, turkeys, chipmunks, birds and chipmunks.

Now I have to face work, home, reality. Get myself back into some kind of predictable writing schedule and deal with constant depression, angst and emergencies (No, not mine, family-need I say more?)

The writing schedule has to get back on track if I'm going to finish Changeling in the foreseeable future. Plus, I have to step up promotion for the Tali Cates books that are out there already (Yes, shameless self promotion, GO OUT, BUY BOOKS-preferably mine.) See or click on the book cover in the slide show to the right.

I love the writing part of writing more than the business-sell yourself part.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Colorado Here I come

It's that time of year again. It's time to go to Colorado, cool sweet mountain air. Bears, chipmunks and squirrels coming to visit, gossiping with friends, writing, hiking (more or less) wine, books, and shopping. Did I mention wine?

Renewal is an important part of the writing process, of any creative process-poetry, painting, music, making something from nothing. For me, being at the cabin with my writer friends does it. I focus more clearly and usually make a lot of progress both writing and relaxing while I'm there.

And it never hurts to sit ouside, in the middle of the trees and watch for fairies. Of course, at the cabin, you can't afford not to watch for bears also.

Watched the newest episode of True Blood. Really like the Circe character and Sookie met her cousin. Always interesting seeing Sookie get into trouble.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Contest-EP Launch

In honor or the Eternal Press Launch Day, I'm having a contest. Email me at to tell me the poodles' name and I'll enter you in a drawing for a free, autographed copy of "Fairy Dust" or "Museums are Murder." Also, leave a comment on this post or the one below. That's as hard as it gets.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Signing and 4th

Fire-crackers and sparklers. Time for celebration. Also, I have pics from the book signing with me and Sara Saint John.

On the left are Sara and myself, hot but fun with lots of good connections.

On the right is one of the gorgeous pieces of fiber art from the IAO gallery. Too rich for my blood but so beautiful.

And of course, the center of attention, Jasper P. Poodle.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Romantic Times Review

"Bloody Murder" has a 4 star review in the August issue of RT Bookreviews magazine, page 103., it's classified as a compelling-Page turner. "Shenold has crafted another delightfully wity tale in the Tali Cates series. She's created highly entertaining characters, including a mother with two spiritual advisers, and penned an intriguing mystery."
Excited here and bragging.--

Rachel Vincent has a 4 starreview of her new YA, "My Soul to Take" in the same issue as does Carolyn Wall for "Sweeping up Glass" which received 4 1/2 stars.