Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ewww-Too Scary

I went to a book sale/signing at an art gallery last weekend. It was lovely, except for the heat (105 in the shade, my car showed 119 when I got in) but I digress. There was a fiber art show in progress, if you're close to Oklahoma City, it's worth it to go to the IAO Gallery on 8th and Broadway. Beautiful art. All kinds of writers, poets, Christian Writers, essayists, literary short stories were in place. Wine was available. Readings progressed from essays on the misogenistic tendencies of John Wayne movies as they demeaned women on purpose, to really good poetry.

Then there was those of us who write genre-horror, humerous horror, sci-fi, urban fantasy and paranormal mystery. You should have seen the looks directed at our books and covers. It was a university type of literary crowd. Not the best venue, even though I had fun and sold one book, (to one of the horror writers.) We had a nice display, colorful cover art, decorated the table with a crystal ball, quill pen, had suckers for the kids. Still got some curled lips and wide berths when passers-by avoided the table.

Boils down to exposure, fun visiting with friends and showing off the books and making connections. What has been the most interesting venue you visited with your books and how did you handle it?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things That go Bump

A good thing is happening, and it's all due to Urban Fantasy. Publishers are clamoring for Urban Fantasy, see http://www.samhainpublishing.com/ . I think it's all the fault of the Sookie Stackhouse books, and Harry Potter and Twilight. So, guys and gals, send those manuscripts in now.

I've been angsting about my own but I really need to stop doing that and just write it. Sub plots, the romance, the family issues, will all resolve themselves as a matter of course. I just have to get them woven in to the fairy mutilation murders. Just, right! That's all. I'm also worrying about where to send it, NY or epub. Hell, the thing isn't even written yet. How stupid is that?

So I have to practice what I preach, put aside the "I'm not sure I can write." fears and march on with the work. Saturday I'm scheduled to appear at a book sale at an art gallery so that should be fun. Have to remember to take my camera, post pictures. If you're in OKC Saturday, come to the IAO Gallery on Broadway and join us. Maybe if I sell books It wll spur me back to work.

When you start talking yourself out of writing the book, it's not "good enough" how do you push through it?

Monday, June 15, 2009


Promotions-Got all the addresses in for my newsletter. Now I need to get it written and sent. Finding promotion time is the hardest and something I need to do the most right now.

Craft-Have to push myself forward with the WIP first draft. I keep going back to edit and I know better, but it's hard some time. I just need to get on with the story and remember to polish later. That's the way that usually works best for me.

Home-New puppy did well with potty training this weekend but did not want to poop in the rain this morning and chose my office to do his business. Might have to kill baby dog-kidding, just kidding.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Puppy, Car and Newsletter

I've been putting off getting a new car, but due to family crises, and need, I finally did it. You know, it's really easy to go in and spend money. Good credit and they will let you take the car, no money down, tags, title and tax included. So much for the loan crunch.

Got a new little PT Cruiser and I love it. I can get in and out easily, wonderful for an old lady, visibility is good, sits a little higher and love the retro look. Maybe because I'm retro, although I understand younger people also like PT Cruisers. Hey, the price was right, did my homework, got what I wanted for a price I was comfortable paying. So all in all I'm happy.

Colorado happens in a few weeks, would like to get words written before and get 2-3000 a day while I'm there. I definitely want a first draft by fall.

Jasper P Poodle is getting better about minding his three P's. Potty Outside, Pee and Poop. Love the little dickens. Have to remember to post pictures. Have to cure the kitty poop obsession.

Started entering emails from RT and will being trying to get a newsletter done and out with magic tidbits, character interviews and all that fun stuff, maybe even a contest and a prosperity spell. Leave a comment if you wish to receive the news letter. I will be providing an icon soon but if you leave a comment and send your email I'll get you into the mix. What strange tastes do your dogs or cats have?