Current WIP

Murder Most Fowl(Temp Title)

Tali and her family think life with Mumsie has settled down, then Mumsie brings home chickens and starts giving Tarot readings online. The chickens show up dead and mutilated on neighbor's door-steps, an angry reading recipient comes to Love, Texas and a dead body disturbs the peace at the library. Tali and family are now back in the middle of magic, murder, voodoo and a scarier evil than Tali has ever faced. She needs JT's brawn and her own magic muscle to step up to the plate in this one.

Dead Fairies

Cal and Ande are fighting to find a sadistic serial killer who is staking fairies with iron and taking their wings. Ande is forced to deal with her Fae half sister as well as the possibility that she not only may have to keep the dark forces from taking over the world, but she may have to face Mother Nature herself. You don't mess with Mother Nature.