Monday, November 24, 2008

Museums are Murder

This week I'm the spotlight author at Authorisland. Come and see.

In "Museums are Murder,Tali Cates is now dealing with the fact that Aiden the vampire has returned, a demon is after Tali for her special abilities and, oh yeah, there's the minor issues of murder at the museum and the were wolf. Another day in Love, Texas. Museums is due for release on January 7.


When Aiden landed and set me down, my knees buckled under me. I took several deep breaths to steady myself.

“Who needs carnival rides when you’re around? Did I forget to tell you how I feel about heights?”

“Oh yeah, I seem to remember some concern when we rode that Ferris wheel together last fall. Sorry.” He grinned, making my heart pound more as his beautiful eyes crinkled at the corners and his irises turned golden.

“Well, you might keep that in mind when you take off without warning like that. What are we going to do here, in the middle of nowhere? And don’t get any ideas of repeating what happened last time we were at the lake.”

His gaze turned to steel. “Are you telling me you didn’t enjoy that as much as I did, even though you had a major guilt trip afterwards?”

I refused to meet his gaze. “I hardly remember it at all, so it couldn’t have been all that much.”

Aiden’s pupils darkened. He reached for me and pulled me to him in spite of my resistance. His unyielding arms allowed for no discussion as he brought his mouth to mine and began exploring my tongue with his. I stopped breathing as jolts of lightning jittered along every nerve in my body, culminating with sensations in the core of my being that would have buckled my knees if he hadn’t been holding me up.

He let go and I sat, hard. “Now that we’ve established you still have feelings for me, let’s get on with it. I know your mother told you about ley lines. The power lines running through this county are important to the paranormal community, as you know.”

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rat's Races

Wasn't it just Halloween and now Thanksgiving and Christmas are here and I haven't begun shopping? Some of the kids will be here for Thanksgiving and we'll exchange gifts then. I STILL HAVEN'T BEGUN SHOPPING. The train is going too fast again, still. Are we rushing too much as usual?

I wanted to enjoy Autumn, do a painting with fall colors. I missed it, almost. I need to hurry, as usual. I plan to sit outside today, if it's not too cold, and enjoy the falling leaves before they're gone. How do you slow down the world, make the rat race stop and savor life as it is at that moment? Remember, as Lily Tomlin said, "Even if you win the rat race, you're still just a rat."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Wasteland

I'm talking about the amount of writing I wanted to have done now and the amount actually done on my WIP. Driving me nuts. Holidays are coming. Work crazy, home-not wonderful and writing, trouble fitting it in around all the have-to stuff. Then there is the too tired syndrome by the time I've been gone for 12-13 hours.

What interrupts your writing the most, or if you're a reader and trying to finish reading that really good story and everything around you interferes how do you solve it?

I mean apart from locking the children in the dungeon downstairs or shooting both your husband and the television.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Song or Lyrics

What do you listen to, the song or the lyrics? Do you hum along to the tune and never notice what the lyrics are saying. I think we've all done that. And yet there are some funny, smart, interesting lyrics out there.

Now I'm as guilty as anyone else of listening to the sound more than the meaning. And it can work both ways, I might tune out someones rap because of the over-all sound and then if I take the time to listen, I realize the words really spoke to me. After all, those who write music and lyrics are writers, doing the same thing all writers do, communicating their feelings, telling stories.

Some of the best writers realize that all writing has a rhythm, just like music and poetry. When we write a story, we are writing a song, about our lives, feelings, our view of the world. Even when we write about fantastic happenings and creatures like I do, it's still all about the relationships, how the characters speak to each other, deal with the world, make choices.

What do you want your music to say about you and the rhythm of your life?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and other interesting things.

If you haven't, get out there and vote. Even I can do it, and did.

Went to Houston to see the kids and grand kids, got to stroll by Galveston Bay and watch waves. Some boats are still stranded in strange places. Went to a Wild Life Refuge and most of the hiking trails are still closed due to downed trees, but the weather and being out of doors was wonderful.

Now I have to get back to writing but family stuff has slammed me the past couple of weeks. I am so behind. Good thing I didn't decide to do NANO this year.

Now for the commercial break since selling books is what all this is about. Oh, you mean you didn't know that's what this site is about? You thought I just loved to talk? You're right, I do, but I also want to sell books, so, "Bloody Murder" "Fairy Dust" and "Privy to Murder" are all on sale at and will be in print on Amazon by January. Yay!!! Go. Buy. Buy. Read. Read. Buy more!