Friday, November 30, 2007

Houston 3

Out of the hospital. Lori has seizures that are non epileptic. So, the seizure meds don't work. But now we have to find the right kind of meds and the right doctor in OKC. I also have to finish "Museums are Murder." I'll be back in OKC on Sunday, continuing to work hard on writing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm not sleeping well so writing is difficult. I keep falling asleep at the keyboard. Makes writing difficult. Lori's a little depressed since of course, now that she's monitored, she hasn't had a seizure. Go figure. But they just now have stopped the meds and she has only been monitored for 24 hours. It never fails, if you actually want a seizure to happen, not happening. Pits.

I'm reading a book called "To-do list" all about, guess what? To-do lists. It's cool and very affirming for someone like me who is a to-do list person. It's available on the To-do list blog and Amazon. It's great.

Weather here: the weather man said it would be a cool day since it will only get up to 72. What's up with that? It's about winter and cool to them is 72. Try to keep everyone posted but the to-do list has made me want to do a list. So, here's a list of ten ways to keep sane.

1. Watch birds.
2. Watch the sunrise
3. Watch the sun set
4. Do the above things over water.
5. Sit next to the ocean and listen to the waves.
6. Listen to favorite music.
7. Watch the light change on mountains.
8. Listen to and watch small children play and laugh.
9. Write, lists, poetry, anything you want.
10. Love someone
11. Be loved
12. Pray

Monday, November 26, 2007


This weekend was cold in Houston. We helped the kids make Christmas cookies and we watched Christmas movies to start the season. Kids are doing well but Hannah is dealing with bullies who tell her she's not popular and say really mean things in the play ground. These are 7-year-olds. What's up with that? I thought that didn't start until Jr. High, cheerleading, Mean Girls kind of syndrome. It's the pits.

The tech just attached all the electrodes to Lori's head. She is now teathered to the wall. She did have a seizure on the plane here but it was a mild one. So now it's a waiting game.

I am going to try and get writing done today so we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gone until Dec. 2nd

I gone with Lori to go to Houston for her tests but will be back next week. I have a house sitter for the cats. Hoping to find out good things or at least helpful ones.

Everyone keep on reading and writing up a storm and I'll talk to you later. Carol

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day

Tomorrow, turkey. Yay. I love turkey and home made cranberry sauce. I have to get busy and make the sauce tonight. I'm going to my son's and mother-in-law's houses. After Lori and I get back from Houston, I will have to roast a small turkey just to have left-overs for the turkey sandwiches I love. It's all about the food you know. Our traditions always revolved around special breads, foods, desserts for holidays. We always had black olives and spiced peaches during the holidays(no not together.) My mother made cranberry sauce from scratch and I carried on that tradition. We had sparkling burgundy-hard to find. All the other usual suspects. At Christmas we added a fried Norwegian pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar. I need to try and make some again this year. Haven't done it for a while and I love them, plus my Christmas yeast braid bread is a tradition.

Yes, all about food, the smell of cinnamon, baking bread, candles, colors and family. That's what counts and the list of things to be grateful for. Yeah, yeah, don't end the sentence with a preposition. I know. Gratitude-2007:

A new job I love.
A wonderful boss.
Publication of "Privy to Murder" and "Fairy Dust"
International publication of "Infection Control Program Guide."
Eternal Press as a publisher
An editor, Deborah who is also an advocate for my work.
Another editor, Mary, who tries to look after me.
Finding a new doctor for Lori, even if he's in Houston
Christie and Lacey.
All my children
Books to read.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New contest

Privy To Murder Contest

Carol Shenold, author of PRIVY TO MURDER, a new paranormal mystery is giving two readers the chance to win a free download of her new novel and one of those two can read it while wearing their new PRIVY TO MURDER T-shirt!

Mag the Ghost wasn't going to be any easier to deal with in death than Mag the Terror had been in life. Living in Love, Texas, in her childhood home, shouldn't have been end of the world. But Tali Cates can't see the good things with her eyes clouded by murder and mayhem. The first party for her event planning business, Party On, is marred when Tali finds the hostess's dead body in the outhouse, the woman's ghost hovering above. Now, Tali is faced with a vengeful ghost, intent on ruining her life unless she solves her murder as well as some very human elements with violent intent.

To enter for your chance at this very cool prize, head over to Carol's website and tell me what she suggests as a great Christmas present for all the nurses on our list. Hint - look under coming attractions. Email the answer to AuthorIsland at and put Carol Shenold in the subject line. Be sure to include your address because one of the entries will win the book and the T-shirt. For another shot at the book, leave Carol an Aloha from AuthorIsland at her guest book. Good luck!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Video

I now have a video trailer for Privy to Murder. It's so cool. You can double click and watch.

I think "Museums are Murder" is back on. Now to work on that. Got a rejection on "Agatha Ann and the Spider Wizard." Will try somewhere else. With all the good writing news this year, can't get too bummed, much as I'd like to see her find a home.

I found a book about To-do-lists. And a site. Really. I'm a big list maker and now there's a place where people send real to-do-lists into this collection. It's very cool. Makes me want to write more lists. I love crossing things off lists and making lists makes me feel organized, even when I'm not really.

I have the link at work and will have to find it to post here.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Plot it.

There are so many ways to plot. A lot of beginning writers think if they could just find the magic way to plot, they would be published right away.

Guess what? There is no magic plot. The magic is when the method you choose, works for you.

What I use is similar to one used by screen writers. An initial incident propells the story.At the end of the 1st Quarter of the book is the first plot point, which is a major complication/reversal, at the half point is a bigger plot point/reversal that changes everything, then 3/4 of the way through, the last plot point that leads the character to the crisis, "darkest day" kind of situation and then the climax then the last chapter wrap up of the loose ends.. Once those are in my head I do the chapter outline. I know my tendency toward short chapters and plot accordingly with two or three short scenes per chapter. Works for me. If I don't do the chapter outline, sketchy as it is, I have sagging middle syndrome., not good.

I know people who go into more detail figuring out goals, conflicts, I don't. I learn a lot about the characters as they react to things and make decisions. The usually show me who they are. I have done the plot points and chapter outline on notebook paper and with sticky notes on white board. That's my plan.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Postcards and Family

The Eternal Press authors have been discussing the fact that families are not always supportive of what we write, especially when it involves the sexy, paranormal romance that everyone enjoys so much. So, if you want to be in on the beginning, rush to Eternal Press and buy "Privy to Murder." Read it now. That way, when Love, Texas discovers all the things they never wanted to believe in, live in their little town, well "Katie bar the door." We'll have vampires, and witches and weres oh my. Stay tuned for "Bloody Murder" the sequel to "Privy to Murder."

For a quicker paranormal fix, buy "Fairie Dust," a January release. Ande, half Fae, half human, with her partners a six foot elf and a belligerent pixie take on a wizard when he attempts to destroy the world. Remember now, go to Buy books, check out the great covers and read the serial-a continuing story by a number of the Eternal Press authors. It should be a blast.

Also, a cool thing happened this morning. I found a note on my newspaper. When the lady came around to collect for the newspaper the last time, I gave her one of the postcards I have for my books. The note around my paper said "I bought your book and I'm reading it. I like it a lot." Now that is cool. My first fan letter. *LOL*

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A friend of mine, Rinda, wrote 6.000 words yesterday! Yes, I said 6,000. I'd be in heaven if I got 1500 words done in a day. And she did it around giving TLC to sick children. And I whine a lot about life interfering. I got to get with the program if I'm going to finishe my second book, especially since I have another project I also want to get done that I think will be so much fun.

So how do we get the concentration we need, the uninterrruped time? Everyone is different I think. I know I need to pay much less attention to both the books I want to read and shows I want to see on TV, at least until I have finished my word count for the day. Even as little a goal as 700 words a day got my last book done, I just have to do it consistantly. And, pick the time of the day that will work best and even write in ER if I have to to get the count done, write at lunch instead of eating and reading.

For me goals work, If I make them achievable. Nano, isn't achievable for me right now and that discourages me from even trying, so back to goals I can actually make, then when I go over, its even better. Write on has to be the motto.

Second is publicity. Working full time and writing on the new book doesn't leave me as much time for publicity as I need and this is the area where I fall down. I will never sell my ebook without getting my name out there. So, the resolve to better market myself.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Clothes

New Clothes

tree bare.
The other
giving up its skirts
to the greedy wind as
it teases and snatches at
the green and gold gown, tattered and
worn, ready for retirement as
new garments hibernate, wait for spring sun.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Every Day

Today is a day to catch up on every day things. Laundry, changing sheets, doing dishes, picking up, unpacking, all those things that make you feel good when you're done, maybe not while you do them..

Writing needs caught up, or at least done for today. Missed out on lunch with friends. Did visit blogs and blog tour, late but I made it.

How does everyone build characters? Do you write detailed bios or make it up as you go along? I have to have structure so I do some outlining because its easier for me, but not pages and pages. They grow as I go along, so do I. Of course as they change, I might have to go back and make sure they react according to their upbringing, or lack of.

I'm going back to Houston for a week for Lori testing. Hope we get some answers. We'll be there for Dickens on the Strand. So now I need Victorian costumes? Good luck with that.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Didn't get any writing done yesterday. Didn't make it off work in time to be at Coffeetime for the launch. Not one of my best days. Life is making juggling of work and writing difficult right now but things will settle down I'm sure (it says in fine print some where.)

I still want to get back to the ocean. I keep seeing the waves seem to come out of nowhere in the dark when the foam suddenly catches the ambient light that makes the waves glow as they come to shore. It is so cool. Then there's the sound of the waves, also so calming. I need a close ocean here in OKC. No mountains, or ocean close and lakes are wonderful but not quite the same.

I'm trying to decide which kind of writing I like the best, outlined or not. I didn't have a real plan for Fairy Dust (due out in Jan) but it worked. But again, it's short and not a typical whodunnit. Privy worked, but I had at least a chapter outline and that's what I'm doing with Bloody Murder, but the outline has more holes than I like write now so I have to work on that. Speaking of work, I had better. Later.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Baaack

Made it to and from Houston in one piece inspite of Lori's seizures on the plane, coming and going. Gave the stewardesses some excitement.

We got the see the specialist at Baylor-Houston, lovely man, very interested, personable, talked to Lori as if she were a person and not like it was her fault she was sick. Will be going in for specialized testing this month or next.

Houston/Clear Lake/Galveston very cool. Wonderful weather. Got to see the ocean, big deal for a land lubber.

Didn't get as much writing done as I'd hoped, only a couple of thousand words instead of the impossible amount I wanted but I'm seeing a sliver of light at the end for Lori so that's a positive thing, finally.

My grand daughter, 7yo, is facinated by my alpha smart and wanted to type on it all the time. Will have to find her a kid version for Christmas. Got to meet the three cats, Sabina (Black and white scairdy cat), Hadrian (Big Siamese-Seal Point) Gus (small lavendar point), Pretty babies.

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