Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why I Write Blog Hop-Why Does Carol Shenold Write



My best friend, Amy Shojai, tagged me to join her in a “Why I Write” blog hop. Amy and I have been in a writing group together for twenty years. She not only is she an animal behaviorist with multiple cat and dog care books, but she’s written two “Thrillers with bite.” “Lost and Found” and Hide and Seek.” Visit her at

     Why I write has always been a difficult question to answer. So, here are several reasons.

  1. By the time I was in third grade, I realized I could read every book in the library, even if I couldn’t understand it. I was so excited. That’s when I fell in love with books and words. I couldn’t get enough of reading and listening to others read, like my grandmother.
  2. In school I was in the library club, wrote book reviews, and was the kid who enjoyed writing essays. My sister and I took the bus to the downtown Dallas library every week during the summer and checked out as many books as possible. I should have known even then that I would be destined for the writing life.
  3. I wrote my first book when romances were the first big thing. I saw writers on television talk about being writers and for some reason figured out you did not have to live in New York to be a writer. I was a little slow to pick up on that.
  4. I wanted to be published, but even more, I wanted to give other people the same pleasure of getting lost in a book that I also enjoyed. I’ve learned a lot.

The writing life is hard, long, and difficult to break into. If you focus on the on the end product, you might get lost. Focus on the journey, enjoy the writing and editing, send off the manuscript and write the next one. To make a living as a writer, be willing to write fiction, non-fiction, teach and spread your wings in multiple directions.

  1. Back to why I write. I love books and stories. My grandmother was a wonderful story teller. She told me and my sister scary tales at bedtime, to my mother’s lasting horror.  For me, the creation of worlds allows me to get lost in other lives and reading allows me to enjoy worlds created by others. I love Post apocalyptic and paranormal tales. 
  2. I’m finally retired from 50 years of nursing. As much as I love writing fiction, nonfiction pays more quickly. I’ve been writing non-fiction, medical-technical and pet related. So, even though I can now write full-time, I have to divide writing time between paying gigs and fiction. But, I’m doing what I always wanted to do, full-time, and love it.
  3. The most difficult part of the writing life for me, is the fact that writing time takes away from reading time and I love reading. Never have enough time for reading, never have too many books. Never have enough time for all the art I want to create.

Now it’s time for me to tag a couple of other writers.

Rinda Elliot has written the Beri O’Dell series,”Dweller on the Threshhold” and “Blood of an Ancient.” She also loves making wine and gardening. Go visit her at


Tabitha Shay is a romance writer who writes witchy titles such as “Witch’s Brew” Witch’s Heart” Witch’s Moon” Now she’s added angels to the mix and you can meet the Angels from Deadwood. You can visit her fun website at


Be sure to come visit me at or “Fairy Dust”, “Privy to Murder” and “Bloody Murder” are all available at










Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Discovery

I've discovered Elizabeth Von Armin and "Elizabeth and her German Garden." Beautiful writing, and can so identify with this Edwardian writer, her views on nature, gardens, babies, books, neighbors and visitors. Solitude is to be prized when you can find it.

Don't make the mistake of thinking the real life Elizabeth was a shrinking violet. Born in Australia, raised in England, married a duke, lived in Germany, had a divorce, an affair with HG Wells among others, died in the US in 1941. Acerbic sense of humor and definitely a feminist.

So enjoying a book I would never have picked up if my Grand daughter had not invited me to join her book club. Many thanks to Nikala.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Writing- Tips, tricks, news.

My new article "Infection Prevention in a Rescue Population" will be on next week. I'm excited. Can't wait to see it. Go visit the site if you enjoy great articles and tips about cat care, cute pictures and all that fun cat stuff.

How do you revamp your writing career? For me it has so far consisted of writing fiction more and bringing back the nonfiction writing. I'm working on freelance articles for Catster and Dogster as well as applying to write for on a regular basis. Next trick, getting into a good routine that gives me time to write fiction, nonfiction and up my marketing, including this blog.

I'm sure there are more things I need to be doing but this is where I began. Sure am enjoying working from home. Less make-up, jewelry and dress clothes involved, comfortable shoes. More time for writing and art. Now I just have to figure out why blogger won't let me add pictures to my blog right now.

Have you done anything new lately?

Would love to hear from you here, or on Twitter @realmonsters or visit my website at I'm also on facebook at

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cats and More-Changes

I am so totally enjoying being retired, (except for the fixed income, but that's another post altogether.) I now have time to write, paint, play music and read. I'm spending more time on Zentangle projects and taking up nonfiction again as well as fiction. I'm even going to write about pets again, fun writing in addition to the medical technical writing and my urban fantasy addiction.

I really went crazy and submitted to but not sure I will hear back. Catster also has an article they are considering. So, activity going on here. Dead Fairies on the downhill stretch for the first draft, finally. I've begun the latest CME course for nurses.

Not sure how I had time to work before because I'm pretty busy with writing, occasional lunches or plays with the girls, Zentangle with friends on Monday afternoons and Lori's needs.

I have a goal of being a more regular blogger now, so stay-tuned for more Privy to Murder and Dead Fairies news in the future, plus Infection Control at home tips and pet news. Jasper and Poppy both want to be in the spotlight.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Good news on the writing front. Have a freelance contract with Catster for a new article.
Starting the new CME course on environmental hygiene in healthcare-so exciting.
Trying to finish Dead Fairies.
Want to begin the new pastel painting I sketched out, an Indian shawl dancer.
Word for today, the week, Notice, be present. Enjoy every moment of retirement.

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