Monday, July 13, 2009

Colorado Here I come

It's that time of year again. It's time to go to Colorado, cool sweet mountain air. Bears, chipmunks and squirrels coming to visit, gossiping with friends, writing, hiking (more or less) wine, books, and shopping. Did I mention wine?

Renewal is an important part of the writing process, of any creative process-poetry, painting, music, making something from nothing. For me, being at the cabin with my writer friends does it. I focus more clearly and usually make a lot of progress both writing and relaxing while I'm there.

And it never hurts to sit ouside, in the middle of the trees and watch for fairies. Of course, at the cabin, you can't afford not to watch for bears also.

Watched the newest episode of True Blood. Really like the Circe character and Sookie met her cousin. Always interesting seeing Sookie get into trouble.


Sara Saint John said...

I'm jealous. That said, I'm glad you're getting away. You so deserve a break!

Haven't watched the new True Blood. Maybe tomorrow night...tonight's the night I take mom out.

Have a wonderful trip!

Carol said...

Thanks, Sara. Will miss you guys. Talk when I get back, full of Amy news I'm sure.

SunTiger said...

Hi. First time to visit your site. Hope Colorado's turning out to be all you expected and more.

Carol said...

Thanks for coming by and Colorado was wonderful, thanks. Carol