Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Happened?

How can it be February? It was just Christmas. Now, my youngest turned 35, Imbolc came and went, Valentines day is almost here and we still have snow on the ground from last week. Craziness.

I have not managed to keep my January goal of writing 300 words a day. February is not looking too good so far. Life keeps on sneaking in ahead of writing. Maybe if I write at 10pm I'll have a better chance. At this rate, my "Dead Fairies" will be dead, gone and resurrected before the story is resolved.

It would help if I didn't feel the need to fix everything, help everyone, all those obsessive things nurse/moms do. I need to spend some time on the things I want to do. I've told myself that before. Now I need to carry through with that.

Who else out there spends more time fixing things for others than helping themselves?
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