Monday, June 14, 2010

Wolves and Such

First, the winner of an ebook is Cornelia. Send your email to cshenold AT cox DOT net and let me know if you would like "Museums are Murder" or "Fairy Dust." Congratulations.

I went to lunch with my wonderful friend Sara Saint John on Saturday. (Check out her books at

Anyway, we talked about writing, and family and friends and movies and all the horror stories we both love so much, ate good food and missed the friends that couldn't come. After we ate we went to her house to watch "Wolfman" on DVD.

I liked it. Emily Blount is an actress I always like, no better person for the villian than Hannibal Lector with hair. Wish the screen play had devoted a couple of pages to the relationship between Lawrence Talbot and Emily Blount, but enjoyed it. Could have used one or two touches of humor for relief, Universal used to be good at that, but not this time.

I also watched "Legion" this weekend. Loved watching Lucas Black. Haven't seen him since "Sling Blade" and "American Gothic." Accent is still there and that sweet smile of his. Angels fighting angels was interesting and the use of humans as cannon fodder. Saving the baby was a bit cliche but what can you do?

Reading the new Harry Dresden "Changes." I think it's the best one yet and I've been a big fan all along. Didn't get much writing done this weekend but hope to remedy that soon.

Also, "True Blood" season three started with a bang (or should I say fang?) last night and was Fangtastic, as was Pam in her snarky blonde way. Fun series. So, now you know how I wasted the weekend.

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