Thursday, May 12, 2011

OWFI and Beyond

OWFI conference was wonderful this year. We had a great time. I spent time with Amy Shojai, got to hear William Bernhart and Steve Barry as well as Liz Berry, great speakers. Also heard and visited with a lovely poet, Joanna Tweedy and her husband.

I was so impressed with Liz Berry, I'm making firm plans to go to New York next year for Thrillerfest.

Now, I have to buckle down, finish Dead Fairies--I know, I've said that before, write a mystery and romance for WW this month. If I could sell some, it would help pay for the NY trip. I decided not to let myself get distracted my any other projects before Dead Fairies is done.

I'll get conference pics posted here and on facebook this weekend.

Don't forget, the Mystery Blog Tour is coming May 23 and my first guest will be Regan Taylor

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