Friday, June 10, 2011

Flowers and Dogs

Finally loaded pics of my yard so I can show you some of my favorite place, the patio and yard. Just because I love it. It's where I have coffee in the mornings, watch birds and just chill, at least on my days off.

The first picture is silly old dog Jasper. Then two yard views. If I dealt well with heat, I'd spend more time writing outside but I love early mornings and late evenings

Decided its time to write another Tali Cates mystery. So that's my current direction in addition to trying to sell to Woman's World.

New projects anyone? Or old projects you are going to renew? I've spent a lot of time exploring genre's but think I really want to go back to my first love, mystery with a paranormal element. So I need to start plotting away. I'm leaning toward making Tali's world and life a little darker and harder to deal with but don't want to give two much away.

5 comments: said...

Love the pictures! I'm buckling down to more puppy-licious content writing. Put together a topic to-write list and now have better direction and focus. We had our first read-thru on the play, and will have a music rehearsal next Thurs, then off for a couple weeks while folks are on vacation. Other than that...weeding the garden, battling mosquitoes, refereeing the pets...the usual.

Nita said...

Love your pictures, might even inspire me to finish my side yard. I have plans for the back yard, but that takes, money. The side yard I can do with sweat equity. Of course, in OK there's a lot of sweat. Other than that, making quilts, finishing another Devoted book, and trying to remember to blog semi-regularly. Nita

Jackie King said...

Your garden is beautiful! Love your dog, too. I'm trying to finish my second Grace Cassidy book, SKELETON IN THE CLOSET. (I think that's the title. Publisher and friend Dan Case would rather have something with "Corpse" in it to better go with my first mystery.) We'll see.

I'm on my way to a RWI meeting here in Tulsa. Great group of writers.

Carol said...

Amy, sounds like work. Hope the rehersal went well.
Nita, quilts and books work for me. Sweat, not so much, don't do 106 degrees well.
Jackie, you could always go for "Corpse in the Closet." That would be fun.

Raymund Hensley said...

Beautiful doggie ^_^