Friday, March 9, 2012

Free on Kindle

Yay, Privy to Murder is free on Kindle. I'm having a problem with links on this computer, but if you go to Amazon and do a search for Privy to Murder, you will see that the Kindle edition is free today and tomorrow. Get your copy now. Even better, write a review for Amazon. Tali Cates would love to live on your phone, Kindle or PC.

Still working on my urban fantasy and a new Tali Cates mystery.

Completely off the subject, I discovered a lot of the music styles I like start with C, like my name. Classical, country, celtic, classic rock. Strange. Never noticed that before. But then, I'm a mixture of odd likes and skills. I play the hammered dulcimer (could you have a more obscure instrument?) I paint with pastels, write paranormal mysteries, non fiction infection control books and poetry. I bird watch, clog dance, like experimenting with different wines and know a little karate. I'm also a registered nurse. So, what do you think, Rennaisance woman or ADD?

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