Sunday, September 30, 2012

Writing, Life and the rest.

I went to a party last night. We watched a singer, very Sinatra, Andy Williams-ish. Enjoyed the party, wine, friends, music, watching people from work all spiffed-up. Had a great time, but missed having a partner to dance with. Love music, love dancing, no partner does complicate things. Still, eight years later, miss having someone to always watch my back, take over in the emergency, share the fun. Kids are great but not quite the same. They have their own families and lives.

Life has been creeping in more and distracting me from writing. It does get frustrating. Writing is supposed to be my escape, but life events seem to end up with my staring into space and getting no words on the page. I know it's my job to get through it and back to the writing job, but harder than usual this time. Mind over matter, compartmentalizing, not working so well. My mind just goes back to my sister, Karl, other worries.

Maybe I just need to go with it, get past this time and then back into the routine. Traveling works as a life interruption to. I'll be happier when we get back to a routine again and I can put my world back in order. That's my whine for today and yes, I want cheese with that, chocolate and all that good stuff.

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