Monday, January 27, 2014

Cats and More-Changes

I am so totally enjoying being retired, (except for the fixed income, but that's another post altogether.) I now have time to write, paint, play music and read. I'm spending more time on Zentangle projects and taking up nonfiction again as well as fiction. I'm even going to write about pets again, fun writing in addition to the medical technical writing and my urban fantasy addiction.

I really went crazy and submitted to but not sure I will hear back. Catster also has an article they are considering. So, activity going on here. Dead Fairies on the downhill stretch for the first draft, finally. I've begun the latest CME course for nurses.

Not sure how I had time to work before because I'm pretty busy with writing, occasional lunches or plays with the girls, Zentangle with friends on Monday afternoons and Lori's needs.

I have a goal of being a more regular blogger now, so stay-tuned for more Privy to Murder and Dead Fairies news in the future, plus Infection Control at home tips and pet news. Jasper and Poppy both want to be in the spotlight.

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