Thursday, August 20, 2009

Putting it Out There

I've entered a short story contest. Not just any contest, but one with Good Housekeeping. The story doesn't have any ghosts, vampires, were wolves or demons. Can you imagine? That's even more scary, nothing to hide behind except my own writing. Will it win? Who knows? Or even place? Your guess is good as mine, but it's out there for the world to see, or at least the judge.

I'll be disappointed if it doesn't at least place, but I'll survive and maybe stop hiding behind extraordinary events in my stories all the time. Does that mean I'll stop writing the weird stuff? Not on your life, I love it, read it watch it. But it won't hurt to branch out, begin to stray into the more emotional or romantic story once in a while. I might even like it.

How about you. What have you done out of your comfort zone lately? Come on, I know you want to share. Post a comment, win a copy of Museums are Murder.

We have a winner for the "Fairy Dust" contest so JUDY, send me your address and full name to and I will send you a copy of "Fairy Dust." If you would rather receive it electronically, be sure and let me know.


Leon Basin said...

Wonderful blogs you have!:)

Trent Kinsey said...

I've always felt strange when writing fact. When I was a journalist, it was so restricting when I had to attribute every fact in my story to some source. It makes you feel claustrophobic and I never felt like I could grow as a writer. Then again, it might have just been the restrictive nature of the Corps, but that's another story.

She said...

I don't think I've done anything much out of my comfort zone, but then again, I have a big comfort zone. I did try a new restaurant, Emiliano's, a Mexican restaurant. It was okay, not a place I'd go to frequently, but if someone asked my opinion, I could give one.

Maggie Dove said...

I like writing historical romance/mysteries. My first novel, Angel Of Windword, will be released by EP on October 7th and I'm writing my prequel to Angel Of Windword. I am more than half-way finished. Outside my comfort zone was when I decided to take a screenwriting class and wrote a screenplay. Talk about how different novels and screenplays are!No inner thoughts, no nothing...only what can be seen on screen. Although, I enjoyed it...I decided to stick with romance novels. It is what I love.

Best of luck,


Carol said...

Leon, thanks for dropping by.
Trent-Hang in there with the smoking thing. I agree, fiction is so much more fun than nonfiction-The corps restrictive??lol
She-Love Mexican, but what can you expect in Tex-Oklahoma?
Maggie-I do like the idea of plot points that screen writers use and make use of that in my books.