Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Once again I find myself in a balancing act, much like those very bad ones on America's got talent, the ones that Piers immediately buzzes because they drop something. I'm dropping. I get involved in one project and immediately drop something that I should be taking care of on another one. I'm trying to keep up with nonfiction, fiction and a work related project that I have to partly do on my own time.

Fiction is fun and what I love to write, even though it's work sometimes. Nonfiction pays, enough said. Writing about diarrhea and the bugs that cause it, not so much. Then there is studying for IC Certification. A pain, but necessary. I miss the fiction, since it gets short-changed for the more immediate deadlines.

Its kind of like when you write fiction only, love the creative juices that go along with writing the first draft but hate editing, and yet you are finishing a first draft, editing another project and writing a synopsis(everyone hates that.) I should have put a whine warning at the first of this, huh?

Here I am published, on Amazon and Kindle, print books and I'm fussing about having work to do. Can I whine about the full time job? No, guess not, since a lot of people would kill for one. Getting old? Oops, the alternative ain't so great. Guess I'd just better look forward to Colorado and get it together.

What's your whine today?


Rinda Elliott said...

Crazy headache that has lasted for days. Hmm... wondering if I can find a paying nonfiction gig. ;)

Carol said...

Take up medical-technical writing so you too can write courses for nurses about everything you didn't want to know about antibiotic induced diarrhea. I know what you mean about money, I have a day job.