Friday, November 7, 2008

Song or Lyrics

What do you listen to, the song or the lyrics? Do you hum along to the tune and never notice what the lyrics are saying. I think we've all done that. And yet there are some funny, smart, interesting lyrics out there.

Now I'm as guilty as anyone else of listening to the sound more than the meaning. And it can work both ways, I might tune out someones rap because of the over-all sound and then if I take the time to listen, I realize the words really spoke to me. After all, those who write music and lyrics are writers, doing the same thing all writers do, communicating their feelings, telling stories.

Some of the best writers realize that all writing has a rhythm, just like music and poetry. When we write a story, we are writing a song, about our lives, feelings, our view of the world. Even when we write about fantastic happenings and creatures like I do, it's still all about the relationships, how the characters speak to each other, deal with the world, make choices.

What do you want your music to say about you and the rhythm of your life?


Tabitha Shay said...

Great blog, Carol,
A tune is what catches my interest, then I listen to the words and usually discover there's quite a story going on....Tabs

Carol said...

I can get caught up in the tune or sound. Then when I listen to the words I even love it more or I'm going-Ewww gross. I don't like that at all. LOL