Monday, November 24, 2008

Museums are Murder

This week I'm the spotlight author at Authorisland. Come and see.

In "Museums are Murder,Tali Cates is now dealing with the fact that Aiden the vampire has returned, a demon is after Tali for her special abilities and, oh yeah, there's the minor issues of murder at the museum and the were wolf. Another day in Love, Texas. Museums is due for release on January 7.


When Aiden landed and set me down, my knees buckled under me. I took several deep breaths to steady myself.

“Who needs carnival rides when you’re around? Did I forget to tell you how I feel about heights?”

“Oh yeah, I seem to remember some concern when we rode that Ferris wheel together last fall. Sorry.” He grinned, making my heart pound more as his beautiful eyes crinkled at the corners and his irises turned golden.

“Well, you might keep that in mind when you take off without warning like that. What are we going to do here, in the middle of nowhere? And don’t get any ideas of repeating what happened last time we were at the lake.”

His gaze turned to steel. “Are you telling me you didn’t enjoy that as much as I did, even though you had a major guilt trip afterwards?”

I refused to meet his gaze. “I hardly remember it at all, so it couldn’t have been all that much.”

Aiden’s pupils darkened. He reached for me and pulled me to him in spite of my resistance. His unyielding arms allowed for no discussion as he brought his mouth to mine and began exploring my tongue with his. I stopped breathing as jolts of lightning jittered along every nerve in my body, culminating with sensations in the core of my being that would have buckled my knees if he hadn’t been holding me up.

He let go and I sat, hard. “Now that we’ve established you still have feelings for me, let’s get on with it. I know your mother told you about ley lines. The power lines running through this county are important to the paranormal community, as you know.”

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