Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 Heart Review From All Romance Studio

Had to share a new review for Museums are Murder

Tali Cates' mother is driving her nuts with her dire warnings from her spirit guides, a different one every time, and her insistence that Tali pay attention to the spirit world Tali doesn't believe in. Then Tali starts feeling like she is being watched and when she delivers a stain glass box she made for a local museum exhibit someone is murdered. Then to add to Tali's uneasiness her mysterious former lover Aiden Courtland has reappeared and claims she must use her power to stop the evil. What is going on has everyone gone crazy?

This is a good spooky and mysterious mystery filled with intrigue and paranormal elements that combine for a very imaginative story. Tali does have some unique abilities that she has been unwilling to recognize but now her life may depend on her learning quickly what to do. Tali, however, is very independent and stubborn. Aiden is a vampire and has been assigned the task of protecting Tali and convincing her to use her powers for the vampire council. And of course there is the history of their former relationship that doesn¢t seem very distant when they are around one another.

Aiden and Tali seem to want the same thing but pride can be a powerful aspect to have to overcome so reviving the romance between them is not a given. I liked the creepiness that Ms. Shenold is able to convey in this mystery and the twist she throws in for the ending! If you love mysteries that are a little spooky this is a good one. I want to read more mysteries about Tali and her friends and family so I hope there are more planned.
Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Very sensual

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