Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring in Oklahoma

Snow one day, seventies the next. Just love our weather. Sat on the patio in the nice weather watching the snow from the day before melt. Nuts but normal for us.

The brace is off next week so I maybe can begin to get some word count done. I hope to have half my WIP or at least one third done by conference. We'll see what happens there. I'll have to write at work and home and work is getting much too intense for much of that. This week I need to re-look at the plot and make sure there are enough elements to carry the story, plus work on other stuff to add elements to the story, like the Witches wheel and best days for what kind of spells. Witchy stuff.

Does anyone remember the old "Dark Shadows" TV soap. Vicki, Mrs. Stoddard, David, BARNABUS the ominous vampire, Willie Loomis, the show's Renfield. Abysmal acting, fashion I wore when I was in my twenties-and I'm old, organ music at strange times to let you know a line of dialogue was important, since you might not have known by the actor's delivery. Watched some episodes with friends on Saturday. Too much fun.

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