Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ewww-Too Scary

I went to a book sale/signing at an art gallery last weekend. It was lovely, except for the heat (105 in the shade, my car showed 119 when I got in) but I digress. There was a fiber art show in progress, if you're close to Oklahoma City, it's worth it to go to the IAO Gallery on 8th and Broadway. Beautiful art. All kinds of writers, poets, Christian Writers, essayists, literary short stories were in place. Wine was available. Readings progressed from essays on the misogenistic tendencies of John Wayne movies as they demeaned women on purpose, to really good poetry.

Then there was those of us who write genre-horror, humerous horror, sci-fi, urban fantasy and paranormal mystery. You should have seen the looks directed at our books and covers. It was a university type of literary crowd. Not the best venue, even though I had fun and sold one book, (to one of the horror writers.) We had a nice display, colorful cover art, decorated the table with a crystal ball, quill pen, had suckers for the kids. Still got some curled lips and wide berths when passers-by avoided the table.

Boils down to exposure, fun visiting with friends and showing off the books and making connections. What has been the most interesting venue you visited with your books and how did you handle it?

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