Monday, June 8, 2009

Puppy, Car and Newsletter

I've been putting off getting a new car, but due to family crises, and need, I finally did it. You know, it's really easy to go in and spend money. Good credit and they will let you take the car, no money down, tags, title and tax included. So much for the loan crunch.

Got a new little PT Cruiser and I love it. I can get in and out easily, wonderful for an old lady, visibility is good, sits a little higher and love the retro look. Maybe because I'm retro, although I understand younger people also like PT Cruisers. Hey, the price was right, did my homework, got what I wanted for a price I was comfortable paying. So all in all I'm happy.

Colorado happens in a few weeks, would like to get words written before and get 2-3000 a day while I'm there. I definitely want a first draft by fall.

Jasper P Poodle is getting better about minding his three P's. Potty Outside, Pee and Poop. Love the little dickens. Have to remember to post pictures. Have to cure the kitty poop obsession.

Started entering emails from RT and will being trying to get a newsletter done and out with magic tidbits, character interviews and all that fun stuff, maybe even a contest and a prosperity spell. Leave a comment if you wish to receive the news letter. I will be providing an icon soon but if you leave a comment and send your email I'll get you into the mix. What strange tastes do your dogs or cats have?


Sara Saint John said...

Oh, I love PT Cruisers! Congratulations. What color is it? Can I have a ride?

I want a newsletter.

See you Saturday!

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