Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things That go Bump

A good thing is happening, and it's all due to Urban Fantasy. Publishers are clamoring for Urban Fantasy, see . I think it's all the fault of the Sookie Stackhouse books, and Harry Potter and Twilight. So, guys and gals, send those manuscripts in now.

I've been angsting about my own but I really need to stop doing that and just write it. Sub plots, the romance, the family issues, will all resolve themselves as a matter of course. I just have to get them woven in to the fairy mutilation murders. Just, right! That's all. I'm also worrying about where to send it, NY or epub. Hell, the thing isn't even written yet. How stupid is that?

So I have to practice what I preach, put aside the "I'm not sure I can write." fears and march on with the work. Saturday I'm scheduled to appear at a book sale at an art gallery so that should be fun. Have to remember to take my camera, post pictures. If you're in OKC Saturday, come to the IAO Gallery on Broadway and join us. Maybe if I sell books It wll spur me back to work.

When you start talking yourself out of writing the book, it's not "good enough" how do you push through it?


Kayden McLeod said...

Hey Carol!

I'm forever debating such things...but I've begun with e-books, and the NY thing can just be later...trying not to think about it yet.
I feel much the same way about thing at a time and all that!
When you’re feeling doubt (which I feel every time I write new stuff, until its drafted enough that I can go through it all without changing the ENTIRE plot), step away from it.
I personally, start something new or go back to something else I was working on before. Sometimes this leaves unfinished projects, but if it enables you to come back to your real current passion with a fresh, unbiased mind…is that such a bad thing?
Plus, you can finish those others later!

Have a wicked day

Natalie Acres said...

Hi Carol,

Have fun at the gallery. I hope you sell a lot of books. :)

Natalie Acres