Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magical Writing

I'm reading a book about magickal writing. No, I didn't spell that that wrong. Magic is like slight of hand, magician, parlor tricks, illusions. Magick is infusing objects, yourself, your actions with positive energy to send out into the univers and make your desires known to God, Goddess, or Gods, depending upon your beliefs.

This author believes strongly in meditation with writing, before and during writing.Treating your writing tools with respect, carrying them with you and infusing them with energy. Our tools, including a computer, tablet, journal, special pens and anything else that allows rselvesto express ourselves freely, are extensions of us. This energy gives power to what we write.

If we write with the belief that we aren't really good enough, our writing will reflect it as will the energy we send out. On the other hand, if we infuse our writing with the will and power that we are doing our best and that it's good enough, well, positive attracts positive. The more we put out the confidence that we are great writers, the more confidence will come back to us with rewards.

For years therapists have used the tool of writing fears or sorrows and then burying them or burning them and burying the ashes as a means to put an end to them. The same holds true with the good things.

Write down your writing goals, keep one copy and put it in a safe place (preferably not the safe place where I put things and forget where they are.) Take the original coffee and on a full moon, put them in a fireproof container, take them outside and burn them, letting your powerful, confident emotions go into the air with the smoke and sparks, allowing the wind to carry the ashes. Samhain(Halloween) is a magical time when the door to the otherworld is thin. Ask your ancesters for help.

Next year pull out those goals and see how far you have progressed. You may be amazed.

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