Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Great Pumpkin.

As a writer, I sometimes feel as if I'm sitting in the pumpkin patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come and bring toys to the good boys and girls. And, everyone laughs. I have to not loose faith that he will come and bring me that finished manuscript, deal with an agent, signed contract with a publishing company.

Yes, being electronically published is great, as is having books in print. Now I want the experience of having my book in a brick and mortar store. Will that Great Pumpkin show up this year, next. Of course, it boils down to me. The Great Pumpkin can't bring me a contract or agent deal if I don't finish the book.

Once again, it depends on me, and me alone, not whining about time, and family emergencies and being tired. Putting the butt on the chair and writing.

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