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All My Witchy Friends

Good Morning, Readers,

Thank you, Carol, for inviting me to be your guest author today.

I’m paranormal romance author, Tabitha Shay, author of Witch’s Brew, Witch’s Heart, Witch’s Moon and Witch’s Magic. Yes, there are more books to come in the Winslow witches of Salem series.

Bitten By Books gives Witch’s Brew a 4.5 tombstone review!


Witches, wizards and magic!

Saylym Winslow regains forgotten magical powers, but is determined to ignore them. No way is she a witch; magic brings nothing but trouble. But when Talon, Waken Prince and assassin of witches is assigned to terminate Saylym by stealing her soul, she discovers being a real, spell-casting witch is only the beginning of her problems.

Talon is enchanted by Saylym's beauty and charm and refuses to do his duty. He is given a choice by the powerful Waken Guild: Handfast with the trouble making witch to keep her in line or they will send Drayke, the most ruthless waken assassin, to hunt her down.

Sparks fly in this bewitching, sexy battle of the sexes-witch-style.


The hairbrush in Saylym Winslow's hand came alive, wiggling worse than a worm on a hook. With an earsplitting scream, she flung the brush across the bathroom and pressed a hand against her run-away heart.

Unfortunately, the brush landed in the commode with a distinctive plop. Water slapped over the sides of the porcelain rim, splattering onto the worn tiled floor.

Biting her lip, Saylym tiptoed to the toilet bowl and peered over the edge, then jumped back. Her breathing rattled to a dead stop in her chest. "Ohmigod! I don't believe it!"

The brush had inched its way up the side of the white porcelain as if it had suddenly sprouted hands and feet to pull itself up the wet surface. It reached the top, tottered for a second, then toppled over onto the floor and flopped like a fish out of water.

"No more," Saylym moaned. "Please. I can't stand one more inanimate thing coming to life."

There are eight more books planned for the series, with Witch’s Fire next in line, with an April release date planned from Eternal Press.

Quite often I’m asked where I got the idea for Witch’s Brew, book one. Honestly, it just popped into my head one morning while I was going to pick up my son from work. Listening to my CD by The Eagles, I was jamming to their song, Witchy Woman. Spssst, I really get into the drums of that song and of course, I’m an avid sing-along-person.

But that morning, I was listening, instead of singing, and it suddenly hit me, Hmm, I could write a book about a witch.

Now anyone who knows me at all knows this would be a big leap for me. I’ve written romances for years, but I tended to stick to contemporary western romances. The truth is, deciding I could write about a witch never even hit me that I was switching genres in mid-stream.

Mulling the idea over, the thought struck me if I was going to write about a witch, then she had to be different. Not just any old, warty-faced witch would do.

So how could she be different?

Okay, I had to think about that. What if she’s a witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch? Yea! That sounded like a good start. Okay, problem. Why doesn’t she know she’s a witch? It’s not like using magic is something one can hide forever.

Coffee Time Romance gives Witch’s Heart a five cup review!


Journey into a world where magic rules and death is the penalty for mistakes-return to the kingdom of Ru-Noc, where witches, wizards, and warlocks dwell. . .

Hannah Miller is starting over-new life, new location, and the grand opening of the Sugar 'N' Spice bakery with her best friend, Kirrah Walker. But Hannah soon discovers Sanctuary is not small town America. Trapped in a world of magic where humans are considered aliens-Hannah soon becomes the target of a waken assassin.

The male witch, Sage, is sent to terminate Hannah, the impertinent human who has dared to enter their sacred realm. Sage usually complies with the guild's orders, but he faces this assignment with dread. He hasn't forgotten what took place at the Salem witch trials in 1692 and has vowed to avoid all mortals-until he sees Hannah for the first time.

Caught up in the immortal conflict sweeping across Ru-Noc, the star-crossed lovers wage a different kind of war that set off more sparks than a witch's wand. . .

Fall under the spell of Witch's Heart-where Sage and Hannah discover love has a magic all its own . . .


"I know a lot more about you than your name, Hannah Miller."

His voice was pure silk. It wrapped around her like a fur coat, warm, sensual and smooth as honey.

For the life of her, she couldn't keep the curiosity from her voice. "Oh? What do you know? Exactly?"

"I know you're human, a frail illumrof whose life span is but a twinkle, then gone. I know you should have remained in your own dimension. And I know it's impossible to mate with you."

"Mate with me?" Hannah gulped and put her hand on the rolling pin she'd left on the counter earlier. If she was no use to him, then what did that mean? He was going to kill her? Crap! They were back to the slice and dice. She tightened her grip on the rolling pin. "Over my dead body!" she said under her breath.

Bad choice of words, Hannah. Really bad.

Right. So…what if my witch fell and hit her head? Has a bad case of amnesia? For how long? Three hundred years? Because right away I decided she had to be three hundred years old, or in that neighborhood.

Three hundred years of amnesia? Nope, don’t think so.

Why don’t I let someone erase her memory? Totally wipe away everything about her past. What would happen? How would she cope if one day her magic started to return, and she had no idea what was happening? So, dear readers, Saylym Winslow was conceived and born.

Coffee Time Romance gives Witch’s Moon a five cup review!


Ru-Noc: A magical world teetering on the edge of destruction.

Excited about her first Beltane, the feisty and strong-willed Princess of Ru-Noc makes plans to find her ideal mate. But Princess Kali's world is turned upside down when finds herself whisked away and trapped in the mortal realm of vampires.

Captain Koran T knows he's in serious trouble when the King of Ru-Noc orders him to kidnap Princess Kali. He's no different than any other male of his species at mating time, so the urge to breed Kali is strong. But Koran T has a dark secret of his own, one that could have him banished from the coven.

Fall under the spell of a Witch's Moon-when dark forces gather to threaten the very existence of Ru-Noc--and Princess Kali and Captain Koran cross swords in a fierce battle only a witch can win!


Ah, but the novel appearance of a male witch popping in at the all girls’ academy had them all atwitter, all—but one.

Abrupt silence filled the halls and avid gazes shot to Princess Kali as she marched down the hall like a stiff-backed soldier. Fury etched the aristocratic lines of her face. Her topaz eyes blazed with gold flames. Her heart-shaped lips were tight with displeasure and color stained her noble cheekbones.

What would the princess do? Say?

Money exchanged hands as bets were quickly made on the outcome of the battle that brewed. Who would win, Captain Koran T or Princess Kali?

Oh, but this was going to be an entertaining moment for all of them.

No doubt about it, the reckless and hot-tempered Princess was in a bit of a snit. In a swish and swirl of red silk, she left a heady cloud of jasmine and oleander perfume in her wake.

Necks craned and eyes widened as everyone watched the Princess storm down the corridor to Principal Wing’s office.

“What’s she doing now?” someone asked. “I can’t see her anymore.”

“Who cares what she’s doing? My heart’s still pounding from catching a glimpse of the Captain,” one young lady commented. “Did you see how handsome he is? The excitement is almost too much to bear.”


Witches, werewolves, and vampires-an unprecedented alliance between the species.

Prince of Darkness: The realm of Vampyre is on the brink of a devastating war. In order to save his covens from total annihilation and claim his right to be king, Prince Valerian Radu must find a mate immediately and breed her. However, convincing the feisty witch, Shasta LaVeau, she’s First Bride material is a war in itself--Shasta has but one thought on her mind—drive a stake through his black heart!

Princess of Light: In Shasta’s opinion, the only good vampire is a staked vampire. Half-witch, half-werewolf, she leaves the borders of Ru-Noc to save her best friend, Princess Kali, from the evil fangs of Valerian, only to fall under the hypnotic spell of the sexy vampire.

Witch’s Magic—where four realms collide—and there can only be one winner!


She scraped his right nipple with a long fingernail. “So sexy,” she whispered. “I want to taste you.”

“Taste me, then. Do what you will.”

Oh, to feel her naked beneath his body, feel his cock push through the hot, velvety muscles of her feminine channel, each layer surrounding his aching shaft until he was buried deep within her honeyed sheath.

It wasn’t to be.

From the look on her face, she wasn’t here for him to sex her. No. The deadly intent in her eyes was easy to read. The ugly thing she held in her small hands looked ominous. Potentially lethal. Scary as hell!

His pulse jumped, pounded fiercely. Sweat dampened his face. This was it then. The end. “No!” The word slipped past his lips from deep within his undead body, a furious growl of denial that she would do this terrible thing to him.

His heart squeezed out the next painful beat.

“You said do what I will. I will this.”

You cannot do this!

I can. I will.

Terror clenched his muscles. Before where he’d been restless, now Valerian remained stone still, paralyzed as if he’d been bitten by a Shun-Rock Spider from his home world of Pi-Ram.

He knew what came next. The horror of it froze him as nothing else.

Then she committed the worst act of his nightmare, the one that sent chills down his icy flesh and solidified his already sluggish blood. She placed the sharp-tipped of wooden stake on his bare chest, directly over his heart. Her laughter was no longer happy or sweet, sunny or warm, but cold and cruel and ruthless. He saw no mercy in her lovely eyes, only merciless determination.

The needlepoint tip pierced his flesh. His mouth flew open with the shock of it. So sharp. So sharp! Valerian tried to scream, but no sound moved past his lips. The pain crushed, as if his chest was weighted with stone. His heart raced at such a high speed, he thought it might explode.

Frozen in a place somewhere between his world and hers, he couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. Held captive by the magnetic force of her cruel gaze, he watched the hammer swing down, felt the deadly stake pierce his chest and drive through his heart.

Now, I don’t want to reveal all Saylym’s secrets or the problems she faces when her magic starts to return, but obviously, the fun doesn‘t end with Saylym‘s story. No. Saylym has two sisters, Kirrah, whose tale in Witch’s Fire, will be released in 2010 and Nyra, who tangles with Death in Witch‘s Touch, in 2011, so be watching for them.

I’m so thrilled to announce that all my books are now available in print from

Anyone leaving a comment today has a chance to win a signed copy of Witch’s Heart or Witch’s Moon. Be sure we have a way to contact you if your name is drawn so I can get your snail mail addy from you or be certain to check back about 6 p.m. CST., when the winner’s name will be announced. Until the next time, scope out my website at

I’ve recently added new pages of the hunky vampires and demons introduced in Witch’s Magic.

I can also be found at Myspace.

Pay a visit to my publishers at

One more tidbit of information: I also write contemporary western romances under the pen name-Jaydyn Chelcee. You’ll find her at the same website Tabitha Shay hangs around at, plus she has a Myspace site.

See you soon.



Maggie Dove said...

Hi Tabs,

Your books are fabulous. No wonder you are a top seller at Eternal Press!


Maggie Dove said...

Hi Tabs,

Your books are wonderful. It is no wonder that you are a top seller at Eternal Press!

paulab said...

Hi, Tabs! No one can ever have too many witchy friends!
Love ya!

Tabitha Shay said...

Well, I'm just checking to see if I can comment since I've had reports that others have tried without success, for those who have tried and can't, I've written your name down for the drawing...anyone else who has tried and had no luck, please email me at

booklover0226 said...

What a great post; I enjoyed reading it.

Tracey D

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Thanks Maggie,
So sorry for being so late's been a day of technical difficulities....Tabs

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Hi Paula,
That's right, unfortunately, all my witchy friends have settled down...Ha...*Hugs*....Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

Thanks Tracey,
So glad you made and loved the post....Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

The winner of the drawing is Maggie....Congrats to Maggie....and thanks to everyone who dropped by today.....Tabs

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