Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall is fallling-back

Daylight savings time is gone at least for a couple of months!! Yay. No more fooling ourselves about time. Somehow my internal clock was never fooled.

I love fall. My mysteries like Autumn also. I did hear on the radio that leaves don't fall, but they are pushed off by the tree. Sorry, a season called "Push" just wouldn't be the same. a "Push Carnival" a "Push Dance" or "Push Bazaar." Nope, not doing it for me. Sorry. Can't let science facts interfere with what I know is real.

When we lived in Texas, we had big, old pecan trees and would pick up pecans, smell the pungent scent of burning leaves in the air, rake leaves into piles to jump in. We have piles of leaves hear also, and acorns for the dog to dash through. Had a fire in the fire pit on the deck last night, relaxing. Grilled burgers too, so good.

Trick today, write the next chapter of Dead Fairies and catch up on the old V. I recorded them on the Scy-Fy channel.

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