Monday, December 7, 2009

Traditions-Office Party

'Tis the season." .... for parties-Christmas parties-The dreaded office party.
Do you have a party?
Does your office have a party?
Do you go?
Do you love it, hate it?
Time for confessions again.
What is your favorite party memory, or your worst?

My favorite was a Christmas Eve party I used to have with several friends when we lived in Texas, with all the kids, in a house with no central heat but a big fireplace. We had great food, a little egg nog, lots of good food and fun.

Also in Texas was the worst, a work party with food and then two hours of Bingo, on purpose. Awful. But we lived through that so we could dance to the band that followed, now that was fun.

Now it's your turn. We'll find a new tradition to discuss next week, like maybe the white elephant exchange.

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