Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday my grandson boarded a plane, he's 13, bound for Oklahoma City from Houston. Diverted to Kansas. In the airport all alone and the airline said they were not responsible for him since he was thirteen and considered an"independent minor."

In the meantime, my 9 year old grand daughter boarded a plane in Oklahoma City, sat on the runway for several hours before her dad insisted she be taken off the plane to be with him until her flight could take off. Then, when her flight landed in Houston, she wasn't on it. "Oh, well try this flight?" her mother was told. No. Not on that one. "We really don't know where she is." the airline told her mother. "Just try every plane that lands. No, we can't page you because anyone could claim her, even though you would be the only one with an ID."

Hours later she finally lands. Do you really want your kids to fly alone. The airlines don't care and aren't watch the minors even when they claim to. Nuts.

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