Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love winning. I won a gift card from Lowes, new grill I hope. How did I win? I baked cookies for a cook-off at work. Not a big deal but fun.

America loves winners, American Idol, Survivor, Apprentice. We also like to vote people off the island. Is winning so important? Some people will do anything to win, eat bugs, drink gross stuff, dislocate another contestant's shoulder (See Survivor-Heroes and Villains-First Episode.)

What is winning to you? What is winning for a writer? For me, as a writer, winning contests isn't such a big deal. Winning, for me, is writing, meeting my goal, words on the paper, the actual act of writing.

Will I feel like a winner if get published, make the best seller list. You bet. But, I will be a winner if I finish the book, do my best, own the process.

What makes you feel like a winner?