Monday, March 29, 2010

Real Life or Reel Life

Does anyone watch reality shows, like, real ones? Not the ones with games, and winners and strategy, but the kind where cameras are showing a slice of "real life" complete with drama and interaction. People living in a house together.

What would happen if you put a writer in a reality show? Even if it were Stephen King, big household name, money the whole ball of wax. He writes horror so what kind of strange things go in in that house?

What would happen? Ghost visits? Cocktail party with famous people, party all the time? Or, nothing. Okay, he's a writers, he writes every day. The camera would show someone in front of a computer typing, or not. Gazing off into space-caption...caracterization, plotting, dialogue in head-then typing again, for hours, with breaks to drink a soda, research something, then back to staring at a computer and typing.

Where is the drama, screaming fights, enemy attacks, in the writer's head or on the paper, certainly not on the reality camera. The cameramen are asleep for God's sake. Writers do not lead glamorous lives most of the time, they just do their job and create a world to which the rest of us can escape.

I live real life, I don't need to watch it for entertainment. Anyone watch Castle this week? I want to watch something with a beginning, middle and end, plus some resolution. Or maybe just read a good book. How about you?


Margaret West said...

I hate reality shows. They're far too intrusive for me. If I had a show show the public would see me on my computer, chuckling to myself occasionally, when I get a funny email, pulling my hair out, combined with strange facial expressions, when my blog sites go barmy and then for ambiance, my dog snoring at my feet as I tap away. I call that compulsive viewing. Don't you!!!

Maggie Dove said...

Hi Carol,

I find reality shows boring. Most of them are staged for drama! I did watch Castle this week and really enjoyed it as I enjoyed your blog today!


Anonymous said...

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