Monday, June 25, 2012

Penquins in the snow-a lazy weekend

I was lazy this weekend. I did laundry, played with a two-year-old, we looked at a Cherry Ames Cruise Nurse book together. I painted a new pastel picture, (see above.) Visited with friends, had Sushi with my daughter's friend and sent her off to Paris with a book about writing in Paris.

I painted penquins in a snow storm. But did I write? No. Did I plot? No. Did I get a rejection? Yes. Now I have to incorporate urban fantasy revisions, but I didn't do that either. I guess my brain thinks it needs a break, or I prefer to think, the writing cells are regenerating so that I'm ready to write.

I used a new painting technique for snow with pastel, called dusting. Doing new things will sometimes trigger plot ideas or story direction. Suggestions from an editor gave me ideas about revising another Urban Fantasy to make it better, build a more complete world. So, even when I'm not writing, the cells are working on material to tie in later when I'm putting words on paper (or on the computer.) Nothing you do is really wasted, from watching birds to seeing a child pretend to read a book that is too old for her. That child may read later because she was shown a respect for reading at two.

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Sharon Ervin said...

Mentally wandering around is good for a brain. Thanks for the excursion.