Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today I’m writing in Lisa’s garden. At least that was the plan until it started pouring rain this morning. So, I will take pictures of the garden in the rain and post those with this in a while, might be tonight. Don’t want to ask them to hook up two devices.

After I saw Lisa’s garden the first time, I knew I wanted to spend a day there with the herbs and flowers, and walk in fireplace. There is even a labyrinth for meditation. It is just lovely and peaceful in the middle of the city. Also cozy I might add.

In addition, Lisa does music and music vibration therapy (Link) I’m also trying that today and will fill you in. Just listening to her harp is enough to relax me, but pain relief too, I can dig it.

Away from home and distractions, company of Lisa’s little black poodle, beautiful morning so far. I plan to finish some plotting for two WIP since I’m away from major distractions. Promise to post pics.

Today’s writing advice, give yourself a mini holiday from distractions at home. Even a coffee shop will do, put in ear phones, but pay attention to the volume first so you don’t blast your ear drums like I did and enjoy a day away from responsibilities. Let someone wait on you for a change. Enjoy.

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