Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Contest and Plots

First, I want to start a new contest. Once a month I'll draw a name to win a free book, it might be one of mine or an ebook from one of my fellow writers or a print book I particularly enjoyed. I might even throw in a book on writing once in a while. How to win, you ask? Just post a comment on the blog that month. The first monthly contest will begin September first, for a copy of my October release, "Bloody Murder." The name will be drawn October first and you should receive your copy after the seventh of October.

Now, if you're really anxious for a free book, comment in August and I'll have a grab-bag surprise book to draw for on September 1. Shhhh, the title is a secret.

Next is a question for readers and writers. What comes first for you, plot or character. As a writer, do you have the character all thought out first or the plot? For me, the character comes first because the way the plot unfolds depends so much on the character and the choices that character makes. In a series, once I have that character, then I can throw bizarre plots at her and see what kind of choices she makes.

As a reader, especially of a series, do you fall in love with a character first or a plot? What makes you stick with a series? Remember, to win prizes you have to comment!


TamiC said...

Oh I love contests where all I have to do is post comments!! How easy is that. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Have a great day.

Sara Saint John said...

As your CP, I don't qualify for the contest, but I wanted to comment. For me, it's character. Whether writing or reading, the character grabs me first. Of course King Matthias and Vlad Dracula were fun to write, being Historical nobility and infamous, but Sam Jordan was a hoot, too. A 1940s vampire--what's not to love?

Guess I'm saying that even a well-plotted novel seems flat without good characters.

Have a great day, Carol!

Cynthya said...

It's the plot that makes me pick up a book because there's no way of knowing until I read it whether I'll connect with the characters. But once I'm done with the book, it's the characters that stick with me, and if I really felt their emotions and were drawn into their life then I'll look for more books in that series or by that author.

Kim Richards said...

Hi Carol! As a writer, the characters and plot go hand in hand. One fills out the other. It's almost the chicken/egg scenario about which comes first.

As a reader, characters have to be good or I won't read the rest. I want the emotional attachment and then can go wherever they take me.

Carol said...

I'm with you Tamic, easy works. Sara, I didn't limit who could win, it's a drawing after-all. Cynthya, for me it's a combination of genre, character and plot, but to get me to stick with a series, I have to connect to the character. Kim, I think proponents of plot over character forget the fact that liking the protagonist on some level will keep a reader coming back.Good luck, everyone with the contest.

Rachel Vincent said...

Hey Carol, could you email me at rachelATrachelvincentDOTcom please?


tigger9 said...

Love the contest. For me it's the character first. But if I don't like the story/stories for the characters then I might stop reading them, because they will make me frustrated or bored, if nothings really happening. but I definately have to like the character that I'm reading about.

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