Monday, August 18, 2008

Winners by Fractions

We are a nation of fractions. We win gold medals by 1/10 of a point. How can you do that? That should be impossible. We post gas prices by fractions. The price is $3.33 and 9/10. Okay, that's $3.34. Can't fool me. Is the same thing happening with our books? Do agents decide they like one book 99 and9/10% but the other one is 100% so that's the one they will represent or publish?

What if that author could fix that thing that would bring it up to 100%. Publishing is confusing and so based on personal preference. Editors and agents have specific pet peeves and they are all different. What one will like, six others say is a red flag and can't be done.

So I say, write the way you enjoy, send it out until you find someone who likes it, change what they don't like and go for it because you can only please one agent or editor at a time. The main thing, keep writing and enjoying the process 100% of the time.

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