Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm a Winner-Journaling

Seriously-I won a book of Vampire Romance from Rachel Vincent. You can go to her blog and frequently find contests for cool books. She's at be sure to check out her new release.

Now, does anyone out there like journals? I have journals, blank books. I'm hooked. I may have more than I can ever use. I like unusual ones, with pretty or unusual covers, like a wooden cover, or one with cats, or one that looks 3-D. The problem with the really pretty and unusual journals is that I'm afraid to write in it. What if what I write isn't important enough to merit the fancy cover and I mess up the pages. Even though I have all these fancy journals, when I finish a blue journal, I go buy another instead of writing in one of the "special" ones. I realised how many I have when I moved a couple of weeks ago.

Now I'm making a concerted effort to write in the pretty ones. Who cares if it's not in chronological order. No one else will read it unless I'm dead and then I won't care and they will deserve what they get for reading private, boring stuff.

Anyone else out there save pretty journals? Come on, I know you're out there. What does it look like and why don't you just treat yourself and use it anyway?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, yes I can soooo relate. I have tons of journals and unusual note books. I have one with a plastic raised cover of a unicorn, it's beautiful.

I also have a heard time writing in them. Now, I have started to collect author journals too, like from Cafe Press.


Carol said...

I'm working hard to combat that "save" mentality. It's too good to use. I remember reading a story about a woman cleaning out her mom's house after she died. She found gowns with tags on, dresses still in original boxes, towels that had never been used because they were being saved for the time they were really needed. At the same time the woman had been wearing old dresses, using worn out things instead of enjoying the new, pretty things. Makes you stop and think about things needing to be used in order to be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Good point. I should really start using my journals....though I've often given one or two away when the kids are looking for a notebook. But not the real pretty ones...hehe!!


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