Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Cover Art

I have cover art for Museums are Murder, how fun is that. Tali Cates and Aiden Courtland encounter murder, were wolves and a cheeky demon who only wants to make a slave out of Tali. What else would you expect in Love, Texas.

"Museums are Murder" will be released January 7, 2009.


“This…this Azo can simply show up from some other dimension and haul me off to hell to be his slave forever and there’s nothing I can do?”

Okay, that came out more high pitched and panicky than I’d planned.

“It’s why I’m here, Tali. To protect you, show you how to find and tap into power you can use to protect yourself.”

“Well, shit. It was bad enough when I realized everything from vampires to werewolves were real. And now you’re telling me I have to learn to use the essence of magic power to protect myself from the unseen things I thought were superstition? That’s got to be the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever heard.”

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