Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Can You Tell?

How can you tell that your adult daughter and her two children have moved home?

Let me tell you.

1. Instead of fine bath oils in pretty containers on the edge of my tub, I have a bobble head kitty, a bobble head puppy, five pretty ponies, a tiny comb, a tiny brush and no tangles shampoo.

2. No fine wine and shrimp in my fridge, with two kids I have Capri Sun, OJ, Water and Gatorade.

3. The artful arrangement of small framed photos on my table in the living room. No more. Replaced by Crayons, markers, a journal, light Pen, Hannah Montana books, Tinkerbell coloring page, Goofy painting and more.

4. The Irish harp in the corner---Electric guitar.

5. Oh, and the butter container has a hole in the lid, cleverly shaped like a guitar pick.

6. No car in the garage, one houseful of furniture and a little girl's bicycle.

7. Horror films? Replaced by Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers.

8. Office/ art studio, now the room of a fifteen year old boy, full of girl friend's pics. Pretty little girl.

Now, I love the kids and my daughter. It's wonderful to have grand kid time since they've been living in Houston. Just a culture shock to suddenly be using twice as much water, double the groceries, hungry football player in the house, nine year old girl too.

Life is more exciting, not a bad thing. both kids are a joy and my daughter tries to take care of me and cooked me dinner-way cool. Fun times ahead, high school football, girlfriends, boyfriends all that goes with it.

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