Monday, September 28, 2009

Moments of Clarity

I love when those moments of clarity happen and you figure out what the story really is that you were writing about. Not that I didn't know the basics, villan, hero, subplots (sort of discover as I go) who committed the murders and why. What I didn't have perfectly clear was why Ande tries so hard to solve the murders and puts herself in danger. True, she has an elf and some fairy ghosts harrassing her to do it and she wants the department's respect.

But she has this self-respect thing, or lack of, going on that drives her without her even knowing.(Not giving away exactly how and why just yet-Spoilers), but it makes her actions more clear for me and hopefully will make sense to the readers.

I have found that when I read a really good article or take a short online course, or even see a bizarre news story, something can snap into place in the piece I'm writing. I do read urban fantasy while I'm writing it, but other things too. They don't trigger ideas the same way because I'm not applying them to my own story, I'm too caught up in theirs.

Now, time to write what I need to with so many people in the house-another story all together.

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