Friday, September 25, 2009

When Worlds Collide

I heard about the most horrific thing on the BBC news. It was about the albinos in Africa who are being slaughtered because albinos supposedly bring good luck. 40 of them murdered and mutilated just this year. Why? Because a witch doctor said a potion containing Albino skin or other albino pieces, brings riches and good fortune. That leads random groups to go out, find an albino, attack him with knives and take away parts. Obviously, the good fortune did not extend to the albinos.

However, it did give me a good idea for "Dead Fairies" and the murderer's motivation. No, there is not a witch doctor in it. But the idea clarified some characterization for me.(That sounds sick and I don't mean disrespect to any families who lost loved ones.)

Then I read some writing tips from Jim Butcher and he made a lot of sense. See, it's never to late to learn, even for someone my advanced age. I love it when a book comes together and a theme occurs. The story is getting much darker, which is what I wanted.

Anyone else out there had any aha moments lately?

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