Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nano Madness

It's time for Nanowrimo-National Novel Writing Month. I decided to post my progress on Something Old, even though I'm not an official Nanoite. I really need to finish the first draft this month so here I go, trying to hold myself accountable.

I love writing and would love to ditch the day job, but, food on the table counts, besides I work with nice people doing good work in healthcare, so can't complain too much.

If you haven't been to the blog lately, I haven't been keeping up. Maybe I'll post more when I'm trying to meet my own, public deadline. I promise to post more, of course if I don't have readers to interact with, it's a little more difficult to write to a vacume.

Sprayed for bugs yesterday, noticed some I hadn't had before. Pests encroaching into my space. Doing coffee, loving cooler weather.


relliott4 said...

I don't always stop to comment, but I read every update on my Google Reader. :)

Lately, blogger comments don't show me the visual verification, so it usually takes a few refreshes to be able to comment.

Go on wordcount!

Carol said...

Having the same problem with blogger. Not sure what's up. Thanks for the encouragement. Won't be as fast as you but, steady will get me there.