Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday-Tricks and Treats of Writing-Feeding the Story Teller

Do you feel like Wonder Woman some times, or at least like everyone else thinks you should be like her. You have sales expectations from your publisher, you meet deadlines, do edits, post on twitter, Facebook, keep up with blogs, actually get writing done, not to mentions care for pets, kids and live a real life.

Is it any wonder you're stressed, need a vacation or need to at least run away? That's why I'm running away this weekend. I know, it's a writer's conference so it involves work, but this is a conference I've been attending for years. I get to see writing friends that I don't see every day, draw inspiration from each other, learn new things, meet new people, sign books and just plain have fun. It's time to feed the storyteller so she keeps on finding stories to tell.

So, if you are in Oklahoma City this weekend, come to the Embassy Suites and see me. I will be back on Sunday for Six Sentence Sunday.

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