Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thyme to Rhyme (or not) The writer as Artist

When I paint, I enter another space, just like when I write fiction, write poetry, play music. It's the reason so many writers are also artists, or musicians, or do crafts or other creative things. It,s the creative things that keep me alive and happy. Don't get me wrong, I love my regular job, but creativity is what I need, what we all need. 

I enjoy poetry, reading it, and writing bad versions of it. That's why I write about it, to encourage other people to write bad poetry too. It's the writing that counts, using the brain muscles in every way possible.

As an artist, I notice the colors of the leaves, contrasts in nature, the shape of a face and then use it in my writing. As a poet, I practice imagery, whether poetically good or not, its still good practice. As a musician, I notice harmonies, sounds in nature, all useful to translate into descriptions.

Don't let your writing take over your life to the point you can't use other art forms to make your writing richer. I have a friend, Amy, who writes fiction and nonfiction, plays the piano and cello, sings, acts and gardens. You can bet her writing is multi-dimensional.

Don't play a one note concert, let all the parts of your life enrich  your writing.  

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Carol - your blog looks beautiful!

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