Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eight Reasons to Write that Sequel

I read on Rinda's blog a discussion about continuing writing a series when the first one hasn't sold. I can see why someone might hesitate, when you don't know if the first one will sell. But, in the first place,

You have to do something while you wait to hear back from agents and editors on the first book.

You're a writer. You write. So why not write that sequel.

It's easier to write the sequel than come up with entirely new settings, characters etc.

The characters may not leave you alone anyway so just tell their story.

If that agent/editor does take you on, you can say, "Yes, I just so happen to be 50% done with the sequel, here's the synopsis for it."

It's fun to write and continue to build a world.

You miss the characters when you don't write about them because they become friends.

You are a writer, you are a masochist, so give in already.

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